Your Blog Could Get You A Job – PR Students Need Social Media Skills.

If you are a student, or recent PR grad, take full advantage of the smarts at Forward – managing editor Erin Caldwell has put together a team of new and experienced public relations professionals, all passionate about making Forward “the online springboard for new and upcoming PR professionals.”

Forward Podcast 17Terry Fallis stops in to discuss the importance of social media for PR and the serious advantage PR students have in jobland if they are comfortable with blogging and other social media techniques: “If PR students are not getting involved with social media they will be at a distinct disadvantage.”

As someone who will be spending several hours of her day putting together a “Web 2.0 101” style presentation, so that RSS feeders, social bookmarking and basic blogging protocol are met with more than a touch of fear, I ask: Are seasoned PR Pro’s relying on younger practitioners to manage and monitor social media and other emerging technologies instead of coming up to speed themselves? How is the workplace changing when entry-level practitioners have the knowledge and experience necessary for agencies to stay current and viable? With much of social media focused on a younger demographic, is this the right move? Does it add more “information superhighway cred?” What are the potential ramifications of putting less experienced PR’s in the social media arena without strong crisis management skills?

PR has had a rough and sometimes embarassing time figuring out how to navigate the blogging world – In fashion/beauty PR, the explosive situation with Pierce-Mattie and Jack & Hill (make it through all the comments if you can), just goes to show how contentious this mix can be.