Editorial Multiplicity – Is this a repeat or just the remix?

mags.jpgI have a thing for magazines. I read them, like a lot. I started reading Sassy when I was 9. Even if I didn’t work in Fashion/Lifestyle PR, I’m sure the monthly drop off would still have me rifling through, making notes and tearing things out – making lists of things to research, inspiring story and pitch ideas etc. Favorites that I read most months include Bust, Nylon, Venus, Bitch, Miss Behave, Lula, Blueprint, Domino, Lucky, and sometimes Paper. Yes I know. Good thing I am a fast devourer.

Lately, however, I’ve been noticing a repetition of information, wherein purusing Bust, Nylon, Venus, and Paper glossies, I am apt to find at least 3 feature stories on repeat. Last month it was French actress/singer Charlotte Gainsburg, and J-Pop band Kiiiiiiii, this month it is interviews with French Grafitti artist Fifi, and Shingai Shoniwa, lead singer for the Noisettes. It’s made me start to wonder how these mags get their information and how they choose their content.

I have a theory. There is a tiny carrier pigeon, or maybe a sneaky elf in limited edition sneaks, who runs around New York, sneaking into these hipster culture/fashion/music hybrids and spilling the dirt on upcoming features. Or maybe all my favorite magazines are BFF (best friends forever) and hold secret society meetings and collectively decide on content. Are these mags relying on the same PR firms to guide access, or is it simply that they have such a finely tuned finger on the pulse of what is hot, hip, and now – that it is pure coincidence that they regularly feature the same stuff? What gives?

Friends of mine find this phenomenon “F%$*ing annoying,” and I can’t help but wonder about it’s root cause. There are so many amazing, talented, worthwhile people/artists/products/designers/creators out there – I’d sure like to see a greater diversity welcomed onto the monthly hip list from my favorite mags.

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