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Fashion PR Pros: Interview with Jennifer and Christine Henry of Mod Media and Vintage Coquette

vc.jpg Some of us are fortunate enough to really enjoy what we do day in and day out. We are able to put forth our passion, commitment, and creativity into one specific area of expertise, like PR. I had the chance to interview Jennifer and Christine Henry, who have taken their professional careers one step further. In addition to running a successful Mod Media, based in Miami, these two fashionistas have recently taken on a new project fashion designers. They recently launched a clothing line called Vintage Coquette. Take a look at how they manage to take it all in stride and successfully maintain both growing businesses.

What is Mod Media PR all about?

Founded by Sisters and business partners, Jennifer & Christine Henry, MOD Media, LLC is a full service Public Relations and Events Firm. We represent and promote clients in the areas of Fashion, Hospitality, Entertainment, and Real Estate. At MOD Media we strive to meet our clients needs, while continually adding our distinct modern flair, which encompasses our companies mentality.

What makes Mod Media PR unique?

We consider our firm unique in that it was created by two sisters at an extremely young age. Having worked in the industry since our early twenties, and interning for the best firms and publications, we allowed ourselves ample time to learn the ins and outs of the PR world. Trusting each other and our own expertise, we took a great leap and created our own business. We love running a boutique agency! It really allows us to give our specific clients the personal touch they deserve! They have become like family to us, and we work day in and out to make sure they receive the best representation.

What are Mod Media PR’s areas of expertise?

Definitely our attention to detail! We have such a creative flow going in the office, it really makes the difference when sending out press releases and media pitches. We have a little bit of everything. Jennifer handles the creative overview and image branding, while Christine works to represent her clients image creatively through her writing.

Who is on the Mod Media PR client roster?

We work with a mix of the industries. Our fashion clients include; Olian Maternity, Ef-fect, and Establishment. We also represent print publications: South Florida New Piety and Inside Fashion Miami as well as marketing and online firm; The Creative Complex.

We also have our project based clients which we work to create fabulous fashion shows in Miami's Top Venues. They include; Paul Frank, Dineila, Lekani Swimwear. Kultic Boutique, Anthony Vega, Vintage Coquette, Ellipse, and Dulce de Leche.

How does Mod Media PR measure its success rate?

If our client is happy by the end of the day, we have done our job correctly! Producing an effective PR plan or special event and seeing its execution come into place is totally satisfying. We continue to network and make new relationships with brands and companies looking for our services. We consistently sign new clients and are producing high-end events, so at this rate we are ecstatic! Our success also comes from those we surround ourselves with at MOD Media. Our three assistants: Jorge Perez, Valerie Graves, and Brian Ellingwood bring a youthful and energetic presence to the team. We are very proud of our journey together and know our companies hard work has definitely paid off.

You also have a clothing line, Vintage Coquette. Tell us a little bit about your inspiration behind the line and your target consumer.

Vintage Coquette is a high-end vintage clothing line Jennifer and I created about six months ago. We love vintage pieces and have traveled all over the US and Europe to find the little gems that make up our collection. VC is inspired by the 1960's/ MOD era, focusing on heavy metallic accents, intricate beading, lace, and overall artistic presentation. We target women ranging from their early twenties to mid thirties, who love art, have something to say with their look, and want to express their style in a unique manner. Each piece tells a story in an ongoing journey. Whoever purchases an item from the VC Collection is taking part in that journey and will translate their piece to a new place in time.

What difficulties, if any, did you have in transferring from the PR World to designing your own clothing line?

Having owned and successfully run MOD Media for years, we are always in touch with our fashion sense and dealing with the looks and creations of other designers. Our passion for Vintage clothing is one that has ranged over our lifetime. We are always on top of the trends and live for classic looks. Creating Vintage Coquette felt like a new journey for us, and allowed us the opportunity to be on the other side of the industry. It works out great for us since MOD Media does all the PR for the brand. Its the one thing we really have total creative control over, from top to bottom, and it continues to represent our style.

In your opinion, how do PR and fashion relate to one other?

PR and Fashion go hand in hand. Behind every successful designer and clothing line is a hard working PR firm. All parties involved have two things in common and that is their love for Fashion and the betterment of the brand they represent. Its an honor for our firm as well as other firms to be allowed a seat on the ride to each collections success! It allows our creative juices to flow, our style to shine through, and mostly an opportunity to see an emerging designer reach the heights of the top dogs.

For more information on MOD Media or Vintage Coquette, or to set up a private viewing, please contact:

MOD Media, LLC.

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