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The Pierce Mattie Media Oasis: Living in the Lap of PR Luxury

Imagine being a busy beauty editor on deadline with a chipped manicure and a desperate need for a bang trim. If only you could only just retreat somewhere and have it all taken care of for you – inspired story ideas, a scalp massage and a chance to really connect with the beauty brands you are always writing about but rarely get to talk to in person. Imagine simply not being in any rush.

Pierce Mattie, an agency known for its cutting edge approach to lifestyle PR, has raised the bar yet again with a custom-built 4,000 square foot Media Oasis in the heart of Times Square. Fashion and beauty editors are a buzz with this unique opportunity to interface with fashion labels and beauty brands, to touch feel and discuss in an intimate, restorative setting that allows for greater shared education and communication between media and clients.

A full-on sensory experience, the Oasis is a sort of hybrid day spa and showroom in a calming, though corporate setting. The Oasis has empowered PM to offer media a centralized location to interface with all their clients in one visit (smart) while providing media hands-on opportunities to learn avant-garde hair styling trends, makeup application and color forecasting, peruse the fashion showroom and visit the media learning hub. – a space that can easily be transformed into a unique promotions facility for special events.

"The majority of our brands do not have corporate facilities in Manhattan. This often presented a missed experience when our team would go to pitch a brand to the press. We found ourselves renting hotel suites and taking over spas and hair salons to do events with beauty editors and shoot TV shows with segment producers. We wanted to bring this experience in-house. We are confident that Media Oasis is the right tool to maximize their media exposure," said Lance Buckley, Account Director at Pierce Mattie.

What will they think of next? Check more photos of the Media Oasis here (I feel calmer already)

Learn more about Pierce Mattie Public Relations:

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  • Posted November 5, 2008 at 9:21 pm | Permalink

    This idea is genius! It’s definitely a way to draw in those beauty editors and build some great relationships. Isn’t that what public relations is all about?

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