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Brigitte Bardot


Elle’s beauty & fitness director shares insights about pitching multiple contacts at the same time (Cision Blog)

  • Emily Dougherty, beauty and fitness director at Elle, is a very busy woman. However, she’s “always happy to help streamline the pitching process” – even on the go from her Blackberry. “A well-researched, intelligent, straight-forward pitch on something that is newsworthy is always a pleasure to receive.”

How can I translate my love of fashion to a college education? (KansasCity.com)

  • Both stylists and publicists promote their client’s image to the public in order to increase their recognition and fame. This requires a keen business sense and ability to spot trends. The main difference between the two professions is that a stylist promotes through fashion, while a publicist promotes through the media. Knowledge of both will be essential if you wish to make it in the field.

Bluebird Showroom Melds Tradition and Technology (Retailing Together)

  • The most interesting public page is the About page, the first About page we’ve seen that is entirely a video. The video instantly humanizes the showroom owner and staff, giving buyers who have never visited the showroom or met any of the staff the feeling they are already acquainted. Because of the video, Bluebird Showroom quickly shifts from being a corporation to being a local business that is run by people the buyer already knows and likes.

What PR People Wish Bloggers Knew (Publicly Relating)

  • Well, for starters, when you’re proactively pitching a PR person, list the name of the product you want to review and/or the company that makes it! You wouldn’t believe how many times people just cut and paste email to me or my colleagues that clearly nothing more than spam. Take the time to investigate my product. For instance, maybe you’ve noted a few people in the blogosphere complaining about the noise my product makes. In your email to me, offer to test product against the competitors to see who actually creates the most noise.

Fashion 2.0 | An Interactive Future for Fashion Magazines (The Business of Fashion)

  • While many advertisers are cutting budgets, others have followed readers online. On the web, consumers can access timely and engaging content free of charge and advertisers can communicate at a fraction of the cost, track the impact of their message (by counting how many consumers click) and link their ads through to e-commerce sites. But the idea of magazines migrating online is problematic, not least because the current business model that underpins online publishing is not self-sustaining.

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