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Pretty Jam by Suzanne Cofer

Pretty Jam by Suzanne Cofer


Inside Fashion PR in the UK (via

  • Daily tasks would include getting as much press as possible from publications that suit the brands you are aiming to push. Handling sample requests, liaising with stylists, filling monthly reports etc. During London Fashion Week I handle all photographers front of house and backstage including TV interviews.

InStyle Editor’s Freelance Pitching Advice works for PR Pitches Too (via Media Jobs Daily)

  • For a pitch to succeed, Bulseco said its sender needs to have “thought through what you’ll need to think through,” as an editor. “You need to arm your editor with exactly what she needs to be your advocate,” she advised.

Are Fashion Weeks on their way to obsolescence? (via Final Fashion)

  • Runway has lost its exclusivity and therefore its meaning.  The time is ripe for a market correction, and I would look towards the fashion forward to lead the way.

Jordana of Clutch 22 gives some fashion PR love to PR Couture in her most recent interview (via Alix Rose)

Fashion PR Pop-up Agency Jack+Bill Take the PR Week Win (via Jack + Bill blog)

  • And from PR Week’s Editor-in-Chief, “The winning campaigns wisely deployed strategies that both played off timely elements in the economy and culture…all the finalists were able to tackle issues and address opportunities in a way that elevates the industry.”

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