[Sponored by Kenzie Shores] Top Fashion PR Links 4/24/09

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Fashion Blogging gets a nod from CNN (via CNN Money)

  • For a few years now, fashion bloggers have drawn legions of devoted readers to their sites simply by posting regular examples of how they style their clothes. Now they’re starting to leverage that popularity into lucrative careers — and a gateway into the industry.

Elle named one of Min’s Most Engaged Brands (via Minonline)

  • The Fall A to Zee guide online lets users peruse fashion in a seamless environment that attracted more than 400,000 visitors, double ELLE’s goals. The ELLE.com site grew its base 800% last year, fueled in part by an ambitious new e-newsletter strategy that landed the brand daily into more than 1 million users’ in-boxes.

More on Elle, with editor in chief Robbie Myers (via Forbes)

  • Indeed, her advice to those looking to reach the top of any profession is decisiveness. “The single most important thing I can do for my staff is make a firm decision. I don’t constantly redo and rethink and rethink and re-edit.”

Nolcha gets retail space for emerging designers (via Smashing Darling)

  • Nolcha’s retail space will surely be one of the destinations you remember every time you are in NYC. The place that carries those special pieces by fabulous emerging designers, you know, no one else with have.

Best Fashion PR Reps in Sydney (via Ms. Fitz)

  • Its is the job of Fashion Pr Agent to bring the right kind of exposure to their client. Often they put together campaigns, organise sponsorship and lots of other hard and interesting things. They build strong relationships with editors and stylists- they know their market and give personalised service to people in the industry who can assist their client/label in reaching their demographic or building their image. They also need to have the organisational skills to get the product to the project in time. Its a difficult job, and they have a lot of people to please.

Stila Cosmetics founder Jeanine Lobell and publicist Jacquie Tractenberg have formed On Trac, a beauty consulting venture (via Second City Style)

  • On Trac is a separate venture from Tractenberg’s eponymous public relations firm, and its fees are not covered under Tractenberg’s standard PR contracts. As well, On Trac clients are not required to be Tractenberg public-relations clients.

Gap partners with Havaianas (via PR Week)

  • To promote the pop-up, the teams – Gap is working with US AOR SS&K and Havaianas with US AOR Alison Brod PR – are conducting a regional outreach effort to fashion press, advertising and trade press, New York dailies, and bloggers. They are also promoting the concept on the companies’ Facebook pages.
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