[Sponsored by BuzzFlikr] Top Fashion PR Links 4/10/09

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fprfFashion PR Agency and Fashion Media News (via Fashion Week Daily)

  • Pamela Morris has been promoted to VP, fashion at Alison Brod PR

The Do’s and Don’ts of Product Placement (via Lup Rocks)

  • Typically, when we work with the property department of a production it’s for the type of featured placement that designers dream of–the girl searching through her closet to select the perfect bag, the insert shot of the ring box for the wedding proposal, Cindarella’s shoe…because these placements are so important to the plot line, they are decided upon by a number of people–the prop master, the director, the art director, the producers, you name it!  So when you, the designer, submit something for consideration for these placements, it is crucial that you are actually able to provide the product in the timeline that is given.

Hottest PR Chicks on Twitter (via In Defense of PR)

  • @PR_Couture — The only one on the list who is not a person, but if you visit their site, you’ll know why it belongs on this list. Founded by fashion hottie Crosby Noricks.

Alexandra Shulman of British Vogue on the future of fashion magazines (via The Business of Fashion)

  • As editors of an offline and online entity with the same brand, I hope they will be reducing barriers and integrating the offline and online entities of Vogue’s magazines even further. While the content should be distinct, making the best of what each medium has to offer, there’s still something to be said for linking the two more closely to elevate the overall Vogue experience. Maybe, they should even think of themselves as editing the same publication, just using different tools. Telling the same stories, just using a different voice.

HARO for Fashion PR Little Birdie has officially launched! Use this form to make sure your PR agency is on the list! (via IFB)

  • IFB is proud to announce our LittleBirdie source finding service. Here you will be able to ask a group of PR agencies, designers and boutiques and other fashion professionals if they have what you’re looking for.

Fashion Brand Kiss the Girl Clothing takes brand awareness seriously (via Phoenix Fashion Week blog)

  • We’re all about NOT trying to be everything for everybody. We just want to appeal to those who share similar visions and those who are willing to take risks. In the fashion world, it’s those who are daring enough and desire to lead and not follow who ultimately thrive. For boutique owners I often ask this simple question. “What makes your store different from all the other stores in town”? If you “follow” everyone else and sell the same old things, then why should customers cross town to shop in YOUR store? The most successful shops are the ones who offer NEW products that can’t be found all over the place. When you carry new and fresh designs your customers will crave to come back just to see what’s new.

Keith O’Brien leaves his editor-in-chief post at PRWeek to join Attention!PR. (via Mediabistro)

  • I would have to say I agree with my new boss that we suffer from “channelism”–if Twitter works for a company/campaign, great. If not, let’s see what does. Let’s step away from all the tools and first figure out the organization’s business goal or challenge, and then decide what tactics to deploy to solve it.

Being sort of Hayden Harnett obsessed, PR Couture created a magical video about Hoola Hooping, Unicorns and Secret Gardens in order to possibly win a whole HH outfit for herself and her BFF (who she roped into playing the part of the Unicorn). We’d love your stars and comments!

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