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Video: How and why you should have an Online Newsroom (via Ragan’s PR Daily)

WSJ given Social Media Guidelines (via Editor and Publisher)

  • “Openly ‘friending’ sources is akin to publicly publishing your Rolodex,” the rules state, adding, “don’t disparage the work of colleagues or competitors or aggressively promote your coverage,” and “don’t engage in any impolite dialogue with those who may challenge your work — no matter how rude or provocative they may seem.”

Shannon Estrada of Pitch! Press shares insight into her work and life as a working mom (examiner.com)

  • I started my own business for freedom. And I believed I had something unique to offer the market in the public relations arena.

10 Tips for Social Media Marketers (via Positively Paula)

  • Utilize your brand promise as a guiding principle across all your social media efforts.  Reflect it in the content that you create, the tone that you use, and the programs that you develop.

Lisa Maas, president of Publicity Works, is guest blogging (via MetroMode)

  • As president of Publicity Works, Lisa has fostered a diverse business-to-business client base, including clients from legal and media sectors, entertainment and culinary venues, and the fashion industry and construction industries.  Despite the diversity of its client base, her vision is constant: provide “the relentless pursuit of results” – a tangible result that will positively impact client businesses and provide them with the highest-level of media exposure.

Lovely ruminations on Ashley Olsen’s shoot with vman magazine (via my empty closet)

  • but what stood out to me was that she really seems to have hit the mark when it comes to building up the row brand: it’s miles away from being a celebrity brand, but it’s not cutting edge fashion either. it’s that sneaky little fashion brand, that when paired with just about anything, from dressed up to dressed down, gives the person wearing it an ounce of mysterious, which when it comes to personal style, is gold (and something the both ashley and mk have a ridiculous nack for.)

Is the Model still a Muse? (via JC Report)

  • “The model will always remain as muse,” insists Louie Chahan, director of Women Management, the agency behind Kate Moss. “When it comes to advertising, I think some designers think a celebrity is more of a powerful selling tool.”
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