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An Interview with Cosabella’s CEO on Social Media (via Fashionably Marketing Me)

  • There are too many new applications and changes that administrators make constantly making it difficult to master the different features. Some of the applications may seem annoying and silly, but they are a technological freedom of expression of programmers and enthusiasts that open new creative doors. Privacy is also an issue in some case, but as far as you are transparent and you use the network for the right reason it is not a problem.

Sarah Evans launches new “How to Pitch” Feature with Mashable (via Sarah Evans PR)

  • This is the first post in a new “HOW TO pitch” series. I’m reaching out to media outlets (including bloggers) on the best way for public relations professionals to pitch them and increase chances of story being picked up. Each participant is asked the same set of questions and answers will not be modified.

PR Couture featured in Style Sample Magazine’s June Issue – get your copy! (via Style Sample Magazine)

  • Style Sample Magazine is a free digital magazine for and about fashion bloggers. The magazine contains articles and editorial stories featuring a diverse array of well known and up-and-coming fashion bloggers and independent online entrepreneurs in the fashion and beauty space.

Malls are looking to events to herd shoppers in the door (via Chicago Tribune)

  • Impulse shopping has fallen by the wayside with the recession, and shopping center owners are trying to bring it back. With cost-conscious consumers hesitant to shop for fun, malls are turning to a time-tested strategy of staging events that have little to do with shopping in hopes that once people come through the door, they will let down their guard and buy something.

Bloomberg announces a Fashion’s Night Out event scheduled for the first night of Fashion Week (via Epoch Times)

  • “New York City’s fashion and retail industry is a vital part of our local economy, supporting more than 175,000 jobs as seamstresses, sales clerks, delivery drivers and other occupations in apparel design, garment manufacturing, retailing and other areas,” stated Mayor Bloomberg. “Fashion’s Night Out will provide our local retailers with a boost and will serve as a terrific kick-off for fall Fashion Week,” he added.

Lovely article by fashion PR hopeful Dara Bu about coffee with PR Couture (via Destination Vogue)

  • My first encounter with PR Couture was one of love at first sight. Okay, this may be a bit of an exaggeration, but to say the least I was in dire need of a reliable fashion pr resource–that combined the professionalism of the public relations industry, with the lure of haute couture fashion. PR Couture is every fashion pr aspirer’s must-read; it opened my eyes to the sheer force of Web 2.0 and this whole online world of fashion pr.
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