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Renowned Fashion Photographer Ed Kavishe on Images for Media

Jason Wu Resort Collection 2010, Ed Kavishe
Jason Wu Resort Collection 2010, Ed Kavishe

Designer clothing and fashion design without images are hard to imagine...and visualize. If a picture speaks a 1,000 words, imagine what not having them will say about your collection. The combination of a well-written and informative press release, along with professional images or video can help to create a powerful media story.

PR Couture spoke with world-renowned fashion photographer, Ed Kavishe of Fashion Wire Press to get his take on the importance of having quality images for the media. Kavishe's work has been featured in top publications including Marie Claire, The Daily Front Row, Vogue UK and, and he travels the world covering major Fashion Week events, fashion shows, red carpets and award ceremonies. Here's what he had to say:

How often should a designer have pictures taken of his/her collection or new line?

Designers should have their collection photographed whenever they have a new line out at least twice, in a runway/presentation for the press and a studio look book format for advertising.

Is it necessary to have professional pictures when pitching to the media?

It's absolutely necessary to have professional images. What media wants to print images that are out of focus or blurry or not balanced correctly in light and color? That's the same reason magazines and newspapers hire their own photographers to ensure they have the highest quality imagery possible.

Who owns the rights to images? Why is it important to be granted permission from the photographer to use images, share images online, share images with media, etc. - even if they are photos of a designer's collection?

US Laws grant the photographer 100 percent copyright to the photos. All media usually have to sign a license agreement with the photographer granting them the right to publish his or hers photographs for a certain period of time. Designers do not own the copyright to photographs. Designers do have the copyright to their designs which are in the form of the garment, sketches etc.

How important is it to use a real model in images versus a model form/mannequin?

That's a model's job, to present garments. Real people also connect to real models versus a mannequin. Clothing on a real model allows you to see the contour of the clothes and movement.

What do you think media reporters prefer to see when looking at designer collections? What captures their attention?

Clean presentation, articulate not sloppy, and plenty of attention to details. That's what garners the most media attention.


Don't forget the power of images. Truly great pics of a designer's collection can actually speak for itself and require few words. Even so, taking the time to craft an entire package (words and images) will provide the most positive impact for your collection.

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