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Target partners with Daily Candy (via WSJ)

  • The venture, called Red Hot Shop, will be a special section of Target.com that will feature products from up-and-coming designers selected by DailyCandy editors, along with articles and artwork by the DailyCandy team.

PR Couture named one of The Top 50 Niche Blogs in 2009 (via Evan Charmichael)

Mango and Paulo Coelho are working together (via Mesh Box)

  • The co-operation makes use of this development and prints meaningful quotes from Coelho’s novels on T-shirts e.g. “The greatest blessing in life is having dreams to realize.” 40,000 T-shirts with six different quotes are available in 68 countries around the globe. The T-shirts are packaged in the form of a book, in order to differentiate the T-shirts from the main collection and to catch the customer’s attention. In addition to the collection the shop windows are also kept and decorated in a “Coelho” theme.

Ming Wang Chooses MMW for Integrated PR Campaign (via PR Newswire)

  • In retaining MWW Group, Ming Wang will leverage the agency’s expertise in consumer lifestyle and fashion/apparel marketing, as well as the firm’s experience in leveraging PR to help propel the growth of emerging brands.

Popping Susie Bubble’s Bubble – fashion blogger justice fast and fierce for designer Pam Hoggs (via Zooloo)

  • The support and response from the blogging community has been swift and enraged, with support falling squarely on Susie’s side. Many other influential fashion bloggers have called for Hogg’s head on a stake, and there is a definite anti-Hogg sentiment running throughout their blogs. Frankly, I think this is much, much worse for Hogg than a post from a blogger who posts a picture of herself wearing a piece you designed that she loves. It’s been made very clear within the past couple of days that when someone publicly targets one blogger, they target the entire blogosphere.

Style Sample Magazine Issue #2 is hot of the virtual press. Many thanks to XX at Looking Sharp for penning the piece about PR Couture!

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