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Gawker calls Vogue UK Editor Alexandra Shulman’s letter on stopping size zero models a “lame PR Coup” What do YOU think? (via Gawker)

  • Fashion simply couldn’t have gotten to the place it has without Shulman’s knowing participation. Not being a fashion guy myself, but isn’t that the name of the game? Calling out that which came before as utterly passe – especially if you’re in control of it – in lieu of “reinventing” or whatever the hell fashion people do? It’s a smart move on her part, and the public opinion shaping around it, if internet comments are to be taken as “public opinion,” is sadly taking Shulman’s backpeddling at face value.

Fashion labels favor pitching bloggers? We had NO idea! (via L.A. Times)

  • “These blogs are to be appreciated, for sure,” Grassini said. “As an independent designer you don’t always have huge advertising dollars. Bloggers are a less ‘spendy’ way to get your name out there.”

Anonymously Penned Confessions on a Shopaholic confesses 40% off designer goods in exchange for positive PR – wait what?(via Daily Mail)

  • But don’t judge a Vogue by its cover. We are by no means awash with funds; but there are ways and means round the belt tightening endured by civilians. Sample sales, fashion editor discounts (40% in exchange for good PR in a magazine), and the tried and tested method of foregoing food for fashion.

Are you reading WWWWD? (via 39th and Broadway)

  • [wwwwd] s a hilarious e-zine spoof of Women’s Wear Daily?  Basically, it’s being referred to as the “Onion” for the fashion industry.  If you haven’t checked it out yet we highly recommend signing up for their newsletter here.

Chance to save 20% from Every Little Counts ends tomorrow. Use code “prcouture” (via Show Me The Pretty, PR Couture)

Facebook Usernames 101 (via 10e20)

  • In case you haven’t heard, Facebook is allowing for the creation of vanity “usernames” that will allow you to customize your Facebook address.  This change is a permanent and non-transferable … so select wisely.

Tips for choosing a brand name (via Branding Strategy Insider)

  • Over the last decade we have generated new names for hundreds of companies, products and services. Here are some of the shortcuts, thought-starters and mental prods we’ve observed along the way.
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