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fprfEdelman Chicago’s senior VP for consumer brands social media, Danielle Wiley (via Advertising Age)

  • …when we’re coming up with a list of bloggers to work with for any one particular program, we look through the list of bloggers that we know; we ask bloggers we know for recommendations; and we don’t ever work with anyone, or reach out to anyone, until we’ve read back at least three months to get a sense of what that blogger’s like so that we do know that they’re sane, that they’re disclosing, that they are doing things in a way that fits within the ethics of our company and of our clients’ companies.

Everyone should read Laura Jane Faulds Magnum Opus  (via nogoodforme)

  • If you are reading this, chances are, you know who I am, and are interested to hear what I have to say…Chances are, this is based on your having read things I’ve written in the past, and liking them. Chances are, some of the things that I’ve written and you’ve read (and liked I hope!) were written between July of 2008 and April of 2009. Every single last word of that bulk of writing was written by a human being who was fatally ill, completely insane, and dying of starvation.

It’s been a big week for PR Couture! Crosby was interviewed for Alix Rose’s quirky fun Snap Shot series and in the IRL Hayden Harnett Newsletter

  • The lovely Crosby of PR Couture is one of the most hard working ladies I know. She is constantly on go, busy being a foster mom to a array of kitties, hosting events and keeping her fashion pr website fresh and updated.. I wonder how she does it all? Also where did she find the time to answer these questions?

Taking on the Total Beauty Crisis from beauty blogger, TB member and fashion/beauty social media professional Dina Fierro (via Eye4Style)

  • As both a blogger and a social media professional, I have a pretty unique perspective and I disagree with Kovacoglu.  At Attention, I work with some of the leading beauty brands in the business and consistently, we counsel them on the value of building relationships with beauty bloggers and on the importance of continuing a conversation once it’s begun.  On the other hand, Total Beauty’s Sneak Peek program sends bloggers (there are well over 100 that are part of the network, though fewer participate in this program) packages of products (with no regard for whether they’re a good fit for that blog), no press materials to give context to the product and no contact information for anyone at the brand. That isn’t relationship building, it’s one way communication (or as I prefer to call it, the antithesis of social media.)

WWD takes note of fashion companies using social media (via Guest of a Guest)

  • Fashion companies and designers are on YouTube, MySpace, Facebook. All great exposure for the brands, large or small, and a good way for interested parties to check out new products, lines, and promotions. But does everyone really want to know what their favorite designer is eating for lunch? (Hm, maybe). Or be bombarded with sales messages every other day?
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