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Interview with Tanya Farmer, account director at UK fashion PR company Dantan Ltd (via Flavour Magazine)

  • My days wind down by about 5ish and I start to arrange myself for the next day. There are often events and places to be ‘seen’ at which can happen on any day of the week. It’s also a good idea to meet all your contacts on a regular basis, lunches, coffees or the odd night out are a great idea.

Fashion 2.0 Presents Industry Showcase (via NextNY)

  • It was all about the business model at the Fashion 2.0 Startups Showcase this week, where five New York-based entrepreneurs got to strut their stuff before four venture capitalists and the fashion community inside W Hotel’s Audrey Lounge.

Social networking for retailers (via Internet Retailer)

  • In the past two years, retailers have flocked to social networks. Today, 56.8% of the Internet Retailer Top 500 e-retailers have a page on Facebook, 41.4% have a channel on YouTube, 28.6% have a page on MySpace and 20.4% have an account on Twitter. And a great many more smaller e-retailers have joined the bandwagon.

What do companies look for in a fashion blog (via Independent Fashion Bloggers)

  • So what do companies look for when determining which blogs to work with? Well, I asked a few professionals who handle PR for fashion companies, Tim Gill from Shopbop.com, Jennifer Plantz from Echo Design and Lindsay Kordik form Parish PR about what they look for in a fashion blog…

Fashion blogging as a business? (via Final Fashion)

  • Being held to impossible standards inspires rebellion in bloggers just like it does in any individual.  The art of being both established and professional, always new but also consistent, plus being a free and flawed human being is difficult.  That is why it is so hard to do well, and even more so when you have to do it publicly, and for the first time.  Even the pros will get it wrong from time to time, so its not surprising that people with baby blogs of 2 or 3 years or so struggle.
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