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Are we awaiting a Levi’s 501 comeback (via Branding Strategy Insider)

  • Thus, at the precise moment that 501s went completely out of fashion, they started their irrevocable return to the centre. A new generation of boys will discover the jeans, and once again, middle-aged men will gaze wistfully at the scarlet tab on bright blue denim and recall times long past.

The GAP goes viral (via Digital Buzz Blog)

  • Campaign website is fully integrated with Facebook and shows the new collection on a virtual journey with the law of evidence showing why big celebrities came to this world as Sonya Walger, Anna Gaskell and Alessandro Nivola.

Twitter for fashion

  • StyleRays is a community where users can share their own style and spot new trends: you can think about it as a daily style blog or as a Twitter-like (microblogging) community focused around the question “What are you wearing now?”

Fashion Runway Tips for Designers (via Pierce Mattie)

  • Designers should: Realize, Appoint, Prioritize, Eat and Acknowledge.

Integrated Fashion Marketing (via Fashionably Marketing Me)

  • Marketing is holistic, and great marketing plans take time to develop and nurture. This is true for online, as well as offline marketing; new media as well as older, more traditional forms of media.

Social media don’ts for fashion/beauty brands (via Little Pink Book)

  • Basically, it doesn’t matter if you are in fashion, makeup, medical supplies, school books or the toilet paper industry – if you are in charge of an outlet and a person contacts you with a legitimate inquiry – you are supposed to answer them.

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