Top Fashion PR Links

fprfHow/Why you should be using a Flip camera for PR (via Cisco)

  • If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth?  Telling a story with pictures is not the easiest.  We didn’t all grow up in the television production business.  Utilizing the Flip enables you to THINK video.  What will look good?  What will be visually compelling?  Is the lighting good?  Is the sound good?  All these things are components of telling a good story.

Another reality show about Public Relations (produced by Kim Kardashian?) (via Examiner)

  • The “untitled” show will be following her famous PR friends, Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck of Command Public Relations.” Kim also told Access Hollywood,” Kim also told Access Hollywood. “Every week we’ll have a different celebrity and a different crisis and drama.”

Review of the September Issue (via Film Review)

  • Cutler navigates Vogue‘s predominantly feminine realm with aplomb, concentrating as much on the magazine’s publishing process as the fashion angle. His observational approach captures a wealth of revealing moments between magazine staffers, designers, photographers and stylists, sometimes to the participants’ palpable chagrin.

GreenShows Eco-Fashion Week, Sept 15-16 (via News Blaze)

  • This two-day event will feature a selection of eco-conscious fashion designers who have been given the opportunity, support and resources to show their Spring/Summer 2010 collection under one roof.

Online Community Management for Fashion (via Fashionably Marketing)

  • On the one hand, community management is easy to define, because the end result is always to build a strong(er) community via a) community growth, b) increase in engagement and c) the betterment of the user / community member  experience. The end result of all of this should be a business goal, such as increasing revenue / pageviews  /  profit / etc.  However, I am starting to discover by working with my clients, that community management varies hugely in methodology and goals, depending on the type of community you are building.