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fprfThemes that emerged during the  SS10 Shows and the Fashion Week Season (The Business of Fashion)

  • Bryanboy was circumspect about all the newfound attention fixated on fashion bloggers. “I wonder if it’s just the latest trend,” he said to me outside Milk Studios in New York. “Will they get tired of us in a few seasons and move onto the next big thing?” It remains to be seen, but for now, the bloggers have arrived in full effect.

Fashion BS is an off the cuff weekly radio show (new shows every Monday) that discusses trends, commentary, and public opinion in the areas of fashion, beauty, and style.

Kimberly Barta, Vice President of Marketing, gives the dish on the Seattle Doc Marten Pop-Up shop (via Sundance Channel)

  • People are from all walks of life: young Japanese punk band kids, to French tourists, to 60-year old downtown women. We seem to have something for everybody; you really cannot tell who is going to walk through the doors. As always, DM has an incredible reach across the board.

Who Do You Trust More: Beauty/Fashion Mag Editors Or Bloggers? (via The Frisky)

  • Keep in mind that bloggers are still second-class citizens in the hierarchy of the publishing world. So they’re not getting nearly as much free crap as, say, an editor who works at Vogue literally gets on an hourly basis, mind you, but plenty. In fact, the above-mentioned Times article on the subject reported that at a recent fashion event, all of the magazine editors who attended waltzed out the door carrying a new designer bag, while the trash bloggers got none. (Twitter outrage ensued, naturally.)


Remember when PR Couture participated in a virtual fashion show with a Second Life fashion PR Agency? They just put out their first fashion magazine, a whopping 216 pages! It’s a fascinating read into the SL fashion industry, and it includes an interview with PR Couture founder Crosby Noricks on page 94.

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