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fprfGen Y Women’s Influence on Lifestyle Trends and How Technology Has Expanded Their Sphere of Influence (via PopSugar)

  • Generation X women chose Generation Y women as the most influential age group when it comes to defining trends in popular culture. Gen Y women, in turn, are discovering new brands and getting most of their style inspiration and product recommendations from blogs and social media.

Six Online Fashion Mags Making the Fall of Print Bearable (via Refinery 29)

  • Given print’s dismal future, a number of virtual ‘zines are rising up to fill in the gaps many of our fave titles are leaving behind—and several are pushing boundaries that print could not. Think more interactive editorials and a giant mosh pit of brilliant talents finally getting some spotlight.

6 Social Media Trends for 2010 (via Harvard Business Blog)

  • Social media begins to look less social
    With groups, lists and niche networks becoming more popular, networks could begin to feel more “exclusive.” Not everyone can fit on someone’s newly created Twitter list and as networks begin to fill with noise, it’s likely that user behavior such as “hiding” the hyperactive updaters that appear in your Facebook news feed may become more common. Perhaps it’s not actually less social, but it might seem that way as we all come to terms with getting value out of our networks — while filtering out the clutter.

Ebay to start fashion magazine (via New York Times)

  • The Inside Source is a marketing effort, and funding for the site is coming out of eBay’s public relations budget, but it could become a revenue generator down the road

What is the true value of Fashion Night Out? (via Fashionably Marketing)

  • According to Forbes and Gawker, consumers kept their wallets shut. The majority of Fashion’s Night Out participants were fashion industry professionals and college and high school students mostly wanting to meet their favorite celebrities. Forbes reported that the crowds were so massive that shoppers were turned away from certain events, creating frustration among those hoping to meet their favorite designers and stars.

Social Media Salary Gender Gap (via Mizz Information)

  • The gap between the average male and female salaries widened, with male respondents averaging $86,644 (up from $85,423 in ’08) and females averaging $75,624 (down from $77,319 in ’08).

Consumers search for brands after seeing them on Twitter most (via MediaPost)

  • nearly half — 48% — of people who saw a brand’s name on Twitter went to a search engine to look for the product, compared with 34% on any social network.
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