[Sponsored by Fashionably Marketing.Me] Top Fashion/Social Media Marketing Links 12/11/09

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Four posts about fashion blogging (via Final Fashion)

  • What was the biggest trend at the SS10 runway season?  Fashion bloggers! Though us bloggy types have been watching this coming for five years now, it seems that the mainstream media has finally decided to embrace, celebrate and vilify fashion bloggers at a high level of broadcast frequency.

Men’s Health recycles cover (via Mediaite)

  • People who memorize every cover of Men’s Health may have noticed something curious about the December issue’s cover, aside from noted dreamboat Taylor Lautner: almost all of the text and layout is identical to a cover from 2007, which featured Jason Statham.

Heavage next Menswear trend: Q&A with Miguel Antoinne (via Pierce Mattie PR)

  • Deep V-necks, scoop-neck tops, and V-shaped blazers was one of the strongest menswear trends, during New York’s September Fashion Week.

European Fashion Council (via Fibre2Ffashion)

  • After the establishment of the European Fashion Council in 2007 and the admission of the European ethical fashion code and Program, the year 2009 has shown the first public legalization and recognition of this European fashion institution.

Buh-bye Fashion Runway? (via Time)

  • The luxury and fashion industries continue to struggle with sagging retail sales and consumers’ diminishing interest in $2,000 It bags, designers are looking for alternative ways to show their wares. And more and more of them are turning to the Internet for a bigger audience and to shrink their overhead.
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