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[Sponsored by Magnolia PR] Top Fashion/Marketing/Social Media Links 9/4/09

This Top Fashion PR Links post is sponsored by Magnolia PR, a boutique firm based in Los Angeles focused on fashion accessories, baby and lifestyle brands. Giving individual attention to clients and connecting fledgling and established brands to their desired media, Magnolia PR provides optimal exposure and results. For information on how you can sponsor a post, please email info[at]

fprfHow to get and conduct a deskside appointment with an editor (via Collective E)

  • This is not a long meeting, this is a quick meet and greet, and though some desksides may go on for 15 minutes or more if the editor has time, has questions, you get into a deep conversation, etc, some can last only ten minutes, and again this doesn't mean they don't love your ideas, they are just busy.

Fashion Blogging...The Road Ahead (via Independent Fashion Bloggers)

  • Today, bloggers are sat one seat away from Anna Wintour at fashion shows and are becoming more visible every day. Does that change things? I think so. It certainly has a factor into what a bloggers goals are. My first goals simply revolved around having a blog and growing it. Today, in the community, there certainly seems to be an element of wanting to be a star, and if  you’re not a star,  your blog is somehow not successful. I don’t really want to give wind to the negative posts and comments along with the backlashes that have been going on, but there seems to be something tense in the air between those who get attention and those who do not.

SAKS employs #holidaywindows Twitter feed (via The Cut)

  • Saks got tech-y this year! Video monitors are integrated in a few of the scenes, a result of a new partnership with Microsoft. You can also tweet messages using the tag #holidaywindows, which will then appear in the Saks displays. Do snowflakes use Twitter?

Whitney Port on Fashion PR and other important things (via The Frisky)

  • It’s a really competitive place filled with so many who want to make it and most people won’t. I would say you should definitely come here with a set goal and be OK with starting at the bottom: interning at a PR firm or magazine or even a showroom. You just need to get your foot in the door and be willing to work your way up.

Nadja Swarovski Profile (via The National)

  • Then, like many well-born Europeans, she headed into the upper echelons of fashion PR.
    It was while working for a firm that represented Missoni and Valentino (and becoming a fixture on the New York social scene, famed for dancing on tables) that her professional raison d’être became clear. “I thought: ‘What I am doing here representing European family brands that have their roots in fashion when I have my own family brand that is European and the roots are in fashion but no one knows about it?’ The industry still referred to crystals as rhinestones, so I just knew that I had to stop being Nadja S and get people to recognise and pronounce the name.”

Rock & Republic's Andréa Bernholtz (via WSJ)

  • Ms. Chanel isn't just a design influence; she is a business inspiration for Ms. Bernholtz, the president of Rock & Republic, who is trying to transform her company into a global fashion brand amid the downturn. "She was versatile and traditional and timeless all at once," explains Ms. Bernholtz, clad in Rock & Republic jeans, a zebra-striped sweater and chunky gold bracelets that match her metallic fingernails. "I want our brand to be like that—one different generations can shop, so that a grandmother, a mother and a daughter can all walk in and find something they like."

About the author: Crosby Noricks

Known as the "fashion publicist's most powerful accessory," (SD-UT) and the "West Coast 'It' girl of fashion PR," (YFS Magazine) Crosby Noricks is a brand strategist, author and founder of PR Couture. Crosby was included in the iMedia 25 Class of 2012 Internet Marketing Leaders and Innovators, and enjoys helping fashion and lifestyle brands connect with their audiences in meaningful and creative ways.

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