[Sponsored by Madison Buyer] Top Fashion/Social Media Marketing Links 1/8/10

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Iana dos Reis Nunes joins Chanel, Inc. as executive director, public relations (via WWD)

  • In this role, dos Reis Nunes will work on developing and implementing strategic public relations plans to increase the brand’s recognition in fashion, fine jewelry and watches.

Lessons in Fashion Marketing with Bonobos (via Matt Daniels)

  • Bonobos is an an awesome case study. It’s a startup with product/market fit. That is, they have a viable business with a market for their products. Few startups have achieved this feat–but once they do, often the question is growth. That is, how to acquire customers and build loyalty.

In case you missed it, PR Couture on Mashable (via Mashable)

  • It’s safe to say that the fashion industry has adopted social media as a marketing platform to reach their customers online and reignite brand passion and customer loyalty.

New Fashion Networking site Afingo (via The Fashion Techie)

  • Afingo.com. Afingo, whose tagline is “refashion your network” is a fashion based online forum that merges the four necessities of online networking: Consumers, retailers, professionals and designers. Usually when searching online for a networking site you get one or two of these combinations, not all four, which makes Afingo a serious competitor to other networking sites.

Dream Sequins Launches Fashion News Videocast (via Dream Sequins)

  • This roundup features news, fashion blogger links and more.

Gilt Groups hires Christian Leone as VP Brand Relations (PR Newswire)

  • The move to brand relations will continue to leverage Mr. Leone’s knowledge of the marketing and media worlds, while utilizing his vast network of designer and industry contacts to form strategic partnerships and collaborations with new and existing brand partners.

Influence of fashion bloggers on retail (via PSFK)

  • Having your product come up on a blog such as BleachBlack, which is well respected in the fashion community enough for them to launch their own nailpolish line, is more invaluable to reaching young, hip “tastemakers” than almost any other type of social media- including a strong presence on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter.

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