Top Fashion PR/Social Media Marketing Links 2/26/10

Is Kell on Earth an accurate portrayal of Fashion PR? (via EHS)

  • The PR firm I intern at doesn’t work with as high-profile clients as Kelly, but from my experiences and friends’ experiences interning at various companies, I’m here to compare and contrast the statements the show makes.

Burberry 3-D Live Stream (via Business of Fashion)

  • What’s missing? Greater authenticity. While maintaining the spirit and standards of the Burberry brand must have been of paramount importance, so is providing an authentic and real experience for all the participants. Since when was it acceptable for a CEO and creative director to give a PR pitch before a fashion show starts? Unfortunately, the pre-show promotion felt rehearsed and forced, and detracted from this otherwise brilliant initiative.

The Impact of Fashion Bloggers on NYFW (via Fashionably Marketing)

  • Only 2.25% of fashion bloggers wrote original, in-depth coverage of events they attended on their blogs (the 2.25% were related to bloggers in the “Top Authors” photo below). Most bloggers covered trends and featured photos on runway shows they liked by referencing more established news sources (outlined above). It’s fair to say that bloggers who work on cultivating and curating their own web content (as well as join together to form networks) will rise to the top and stand out thousands of other would-be fashion bloggers. The findings on original content are supported by the WWD coverage of Chictopia Conference and summaries of the Evolving Influence conference.

Putting on a fashion show (via Reuters)

  • From models and stylists to electricians and invitation writers, some 8,000 people are involved in this February 24 – March 1 Milan fashion week, according to Italy’s National Chamber of Fashion, which organizes the event.

DIY PR: Press Releases by the lovely Lauren Rich (via Young, Fabulous and Self-employed)

  • There are various tools to help enhance and execute effective communications strategies for your business — simple DIY PR essentials for any new company wishing to increase brand awareness, tap into their target market, and ultimately increase their bottom line. First up: the press release.

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