Top Fashion PR/Social Media Marketing Links 3/26/09

Fashion PR Links

Thank you! PR Couture has made it to the final round for the Influence SD Awards – now taking suggestions for what to wear on the Red Carpet!

Ten tips to help you get mom & baby fashion/product press (via Collective E)

  • Knowing the inside scoop on pitching outlets – whether they be parenting, cooking, fashion, business – you name it – is often the key to faster, more powerful success.

Fashion Pro’s embracing Twitter (via WSJ)

  • Twitter is getting an affectionate embrace from fashion…This is granting the world an unprecedented level of access to fashion gurus.

Fashion is becoming dumb… (via PSFK)

  • The thing about McQueen’s shows was not only how he challenged culture and our imaginations, but also how seamless and easy he made marketing look.  It didn’t feel like marketing.  And that is where many brands fail.

More about Polyvore (via The New Yorker)

  • In reality, the American woman has not waited to be told what to wear in some time. Vogue and Bazaar now compete with the more populist shopping magazines, like InStyle and Lucky, whose low-key editors have replaced lush, fantastical spreads with practical shopping advice and catalogue-style layouts. Polyvore’s user-generated model abandons the queenly paradigm altogether. The site has 1.4 million registered users…

Can bloggers make brands? (via HuffPo)

  • At the moment, a blog’s prime ability is to identify budding talent and to grow a brand. It’s also a great way to test the effectiveness of a campaign. This should be the place that new and young designers grow. Everyone wants to be in the pages of Vogue, but it’s not always a great fit. There are a slew of blogs and webzines out there. Young firms can do outreach and grow.

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