Cynthia Rowley Bridesmaids Launches with Foursquare

Cynthia Rowley Foursquare

The Dessy Group, Cynthia Rowley and newly opened NYC bridal boutique Lovely Bride have joined forces to promote the designer’s latest venture, Cynthia Rowley Bridesmaids, and they are using Foursquare to do it. Working behind the scenes to execute the online components are Macala Wright Lee of Fashionably Digital and Foursquare VP of Business Development Tristan Walker, with strategic direction and support from PR Couture. While retailers and designers have made use of Foursquare’s online-to-offline capabilities, we have yet to see a manufacturer, designer and boutique come together to leverage social tools to grow brand awareness and drive event participation. This eye toward collaboration and integrated promotion is quite innovative, and it’s refreshing to assist on a project where everyone, from the vendor to the PR department, is committed to their part to spread the word about this quick turn-around campaign.

So how does it work?

Cynthia Rowley Foursquare

On the evening of June 3, Lovely Bride will host Cynthia herself for an intimate soirée with dress fittings provided by Lovely. Attendees who demonstrate that they are checked in on Foursquare will receive a special gift. Of course, there is also the opportunity to unlock coveted badges including Newbie, Adventurer, Bender, Crunked, Local, Taxi (taking a trip above 59th St), Overshare and ultimately leading to the almighty swarm badge with 50+ people checked in.

For those who aren’t able to attend the event, you can follow CR Bridal on Foursquare and Twitter as she checks-in to various local spots around town. Lovely Bride, Dessy Group and Cynthia Rowley are also in on the fun. It’s a social collaboration!

Seems simple, right? We sure hope so! Integrating social tools like Foursquare into offline campaigns and events doesn’t have to be complex, but it does require assigning campaign goals and then developing strategy and content that support those goals.

Next up PR Couture gets the inside scoop with The Lovely Bride

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