Top Fashion PR/Social Media Marketing Links 6/25/10

Fashion PR LinksBoF interviews Jonathan Newhouse, Chairman of Condé Nast International on the future of fashion media (via Business of Fashion)

  • The role of the media is to be the dream weaver, to animate [luxury] products and to make them desirable. We in the media employ creativity and taste, imagery and words, and a trusted relationship with readers – your customers – to drive your business.

The Online Fashion Agency releases the Online Fashion 100 (via Leon Bailey-Green)

  • People behind Britian’s top fashion websites

5 Things You Should Know About The Media (via PR in your Pajamas)

  • Journalists are interested in what is new or controversial – most of you won’t have earth-shattering news, but the media want to feel like they are giving people the latest information on solving a particular problem. If there is a controversy brewing in the media, how can you tie-in your business to what is ‘hot’?

My Mothers Clothes Book Trailer (via Ruby Press)

  • For Jeannette Montgomery Barron, nearly every item in her mother’s carefully curated collection is attached to a day, a season, a voice, a laugh, a moment, a memory. Here in these pages, she takes them off the racks and out of the drawers to preserve her mother’s legacy, in a final, joyful performance. One that reminds us all, of how defined we are by the precious things we carry.

Teen Fashion Bloggers to Watch (via YPulse)

  • Blogs have given fashion-loving teen girls a platform for expressing themselves beyond the walls of their high schools. These girls dress to impress, not their classmates, but themselves (and secondarily, their readers).

Global fashion sustainability trends (via Green Design)

  • The biggest reason the sustainability movement is moving so slowly in fashion is because of the bottom line. Unless it becomes more profitable to be sustainable, most businesses will continue along the safe conventional route. But how to make sustainability the more profitable option? The UK fashion industry is offering one solution – give sustainable businesses tax breaks! In addition to making it easier for sustainable businesses to survive, this would also give conventional businesses a huge incentive to explore ways to be more sustainable.

Fashion Camp LA written up in California Apparel News, PR Couture presentation gets a recap (via California Apparel News)

  • Noricks offered her take on what growing trends can be applied toward a digital public-relations strategy. Noricks emphasized the presence of the ubiquitous fashion blogger and how her voice has become even stronger and how brands can maintain integrity and authenticity over the Web.

How to open a clothing store (via Style Sample Mag)

  • It takes a lot of work to open an online shop, so what must it be like to open a brick-and-mortar clothing store in a less-than-perfect economy

Recession not over for Fashion PR (via Fashionista)

  • One industry professional explained to us that, while business isn’t necessarily down, rates are. The dollar figure clients are offering for monthly retainers, one-off events, and other services has literally halved in many circumstances. Which means PRs are working the same amount for a lot less money.

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