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Blink PR founder Katherine Fleischman Makes the Most of Fashion in Miami

written by Anaisabel Garcia

Blink PR Client AguaClara featured at Mercedes Benz SwimWeek 2011

"The Miami market offers more international are curious...investors are interested in fashion" - Katherine Fleischman, Founder Blink PR

Blink PR is a boutique firm for emerging designers in fashion, lifestyle, and the arts that provided everything from brand building, public relations and blog set-up and maintenance. Founder Katherine Fleischman spent years doing freelance PR with New York agencies (and nabbed a master's in PR and Corporate Communications from NYU), before making the move south.

The small office boasts a young, hip staff that Katherine guides, instilling the tenets of entrepreneurship and eager interns that benefit from opportunities to be mentored by Katherine one-on-one.

It may not be the fashion epicenter of New York, but Katherine notes that "for emerging artists, the Miami market offers more international and national breaks. We’ve built contacts in Los Angeles, Peru, Canada, Africa, Nigeria, and all over South America.  I probably would not have made those media contacts if I had stayed in New York.”

Miami also offers unique local media opportunities "everyone expects a lot from New York and LA fashion [but] Miami is still molding, and the press doesn’t know what to expect. They are curious, and will take the time to learn about your clients for a potential new story." In addition, Katherine notes that Miami's art scene is another place where fashion is getting its footing. "Fashion in Miami derives from the street art. We’ve had clients display their work during Miami’s Art Basel, a huge, well-known art exhibition."

Finally, Katherine believes that considering  New York the media epicenter is outdated, not to mention investment opportunities that can come from operating out of a smaller market. "Miami is business oriented and has more investors looking to grow the fashion scene. Investors that have nothing to do with the fashion world are welcomed and there is a friendly, humble energy between designers and investors."

Stay up to date with Miami by checking out the Blink PR blog and follow Katherine on Twitter.

About Anaisabel Garcia

Anaisabel Garcia is a contributing writer for @PR_Couture and known to be Miami’s fashion spy. She is an independent freelance journalist and publicist, covering most of Miami’s growing fashion scene for local, national and international fashion publications and blogs. Tweeting live from @anaisabelgarcia




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