2011 Jeffrey Fashion Cares Brings Jason Wu to Hautelanta

Written by Shanna Schwarze

The countdown is underway for New York Fashion Week – but new collections, party plans and guests lists were put on hold for Jason Wu – at least temporarily.   The celebrated designer, and First Lady favorite, was honored for the second time as the featured designer at the 2011 Jeffrey Fashion Cares event.

For the uninitiated, Jeffrey is actually Jeffrey Kalinsky, of the Jeffrey designer boutiques.  How did Kalinsky manage to woo Wu right at the busiest moment of his business?  Simple, Jeffrey’s support for bourgeoning designers is legendary, and many jump at the chance to take part.

Held 32 stories high above the Atlanta skyline, in an empty loft, the event was kicked off by a cocktail lounge hour; featuring libations galore, local celebrity sightings {NeNe from Real Housewives of Atlanta, y’all} and a silent auction.  Once the bottles ran dry, it was time for the live auction with featured items like Todd Shelby’s photograph of the gravity defying Christian Louboutin high heeled ballerina shoe, “ultimate” luxury getaways and a Nordstrom tea party.

The money raised goes to Atlanta AIDS Fund and Susan G. Komen for the Cure – with last year’s total coming in at %650,000. {Breaks down to 93 cents of every dollar to the actual charity}

Jeffrey Fashion Cares, Jason Wu

Jeffrey Fashion Cares | Image: Ben Rose

Oh yes, and then it was time for the fashion, and after the long wait, the crowd was not disappointed.  Jason Wu’s Fall/Winter collections were shown – so no surprises here – but still breathtaking to see in that capacity.  Thanks to jewel toned fabrics, 60’s housewife throwback dresses and evening wear with slits up to here – spontaneous applause broke out on several occasions.

Then it was done and on to the luau-themed after party.  B-52s front man Fred Schneider stepped in for guest DJ duties, fire breathing acts, and Atlanta’s star drag queens all stopped by.  A little tropical getaway following a great fundraiser.

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Images courtesy of Ben Rose