Please Support Former PR Couture Writer Lauren Scruggs

It’s not every day you wake up to a story and actually know the person being written about. On the first Saturday in December, Lauren lost her left hand and suffered severe facial injuries after she accidentally walked into a spinning airplane propeller. According to the major media outlets that have picked up the story, she is able to smile and eat a bit. Doctors remain concerned she might still lose her left eye, but are pleased with the healing of her facial nerves.

Lauren wrote for PR Couture for years, handling our Getting In series. She wrote her last article for us just last month in order to focus full time on her new online magazine, Lolo. To get an idea of how awesome this girl is, upon seeing her face for the first time, responded “it’s not that bad.”

Our thoughts are with Lauren and her family as she recovers. There is a fund set up to help with medical bills, and I know Lauren would appreciate you keeping her in your thoughts and sharing your support on her fundraising page.

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