Fashion PR Fridays: Fashion PR, Marketing Social Media Links 2.24.12

The fashion world is changing all the time and those who are staying on top of trends in all aspects of business, PR, marketing, and design are rising as the leaders of the industry. Listed are the leaders of the industry today including one you might recognize. (via Huffington Post Style)

Raf Sanders, long- time designer for fashion brand Jil Sander, has left and Jil Sander to return as creative director. (via Style File Blog)

London Fashion Week has come to a close but across the pond we are going to see the styles pop up in our stores, which ones are going to have the the biggest presence? (via Racked)

Yet another collaboration with H&M is about to hit online and in-store, view the entire Marni for H&M collection due to release on March 8. (via The Cut Blog)

CND, Creative Nail Design, works with designers during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week to help designers carry out their vision through creative mannicures. However creating nailart isn’t the only talent CND possesses, they do great work with integrative marketing and social media platforms. (via Fashionably Marketing)

Fashion-icon Zelda Caplan passed away in the front row of designer Joanna Mastroianni’s show. The designer talks about the death and how in both life and death Caplan was all about her love for style. (via Fashionista)

T shirt brand, RAZRWING,has created a mixture of gaming, art and social media to help attract attention around their growing brand. (via MarketWatch)

With a little bit of hacking ingenuity and tech savvy know-how you too can have a Pinterest tab on your Facebook. (via AG Beat)

Peter Shankman, founder of HARO, talks about how small businesses can help generate buzz about their brand and how one should pitch a trend, not only the story of the brand. (via PR News Online)

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