Fashion PR Fridays: PR, Marketing & Social Media News 11.30.12

  • Perfume making, one of the oldest art forms in the world, gets an exhibit to tantalize the olfactory glands at the New York Museum of Art and Design. (via Fast Company)
  • Not all of us PR girls are created the same. What type of PR girl personality  are you? (via NYC PR Girls)
  • PR Couture’s Crosby Noricks talks Pitch Perfect and how PR Couture is shifting from resourceful blog to impactful brand. (via Apparel Insiders)
  • Get a good hold of your content marketing. This simple A-Z guide will make it easy as 1-2-3. (via the Knowledge Enthusiast)
  • Don’t drown in a sea of words! Learn how to be an excellent editor with these tips. (via IFB)
  • Friends, it’s official – the holidays are upon us. Pause for a minute, take a deep breath, and take a peek at PR Couture’s Holiday Survival Guide to ease those holiday nerves. (via PR Couture)
  • Pop-Up Shops are literally popping up left and right in the U.K. and are getting shoppers in the holiday mood after some economic blips. (via Business Week)
  • Gilt Groupe is changing the shopping game by using customized data, leveraging social media, and taking mobile seriously. (via McKinsey & Company)
  • Amazon just launched its new Pages platform for brands to get social. Raise your hand if you think it looks like Facebook! (via the High Low)
  • Man oh man that’s a lot of time on the Interwebs. See how much time we spend on social networking sites and more. (via Mashable)

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