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4 Fashion Tech Startups to Watch from the FashInvest Capital Conference

 Find what you're passionate about, surround yourself by the brightest minds you can find, and anything can happen.
-Auslaug Magnusdottir, CEO, Moda Operandi

Right before the holiday rush, I had the opportunity of attending the FashInvest 2012 Capital Conference. More than 35 presenters in the fashion tech industry presented their companies to a room full of 300+ investors and industry executives in between informational keynotes, fireside chats and awards. It was like the amped up fashion version of ABC Shark Tank. In fact, Daymond John from ABC Shark Tank moderated the feedback panels for presenters. Some of my favorite presenters were Shop My Label, Bib + Tuck, Dormify and Modalyst.

Shop My Label

Shop My Label is a way for users to make money without spending any money. Users can choose products from more than 3,000 brands to add to their own storefront, which they can sell to their friends, fans and followers. Users with a storefront gain a 10 percent commission for each sale. It's a collaborative and fun shopping experience that allows you to make some extra cash.

Bib + Tuck

Not only am I head over heels for Bib + Tuck's branding, but the philosophy behind this brand is phenomenal. Shopping without spending. Yes, we said shop without spending any money. Bib + Tuck is a barter system, which allows you to post items of clothing, shoes or accessories you aren't wearing anymore to trade with other fashionable members of the Bib + Tuck community. Items can be traded or purchased with a special Bib + Tuck currency. It's the revolving closet door we have all been dreaming of.


Buying products for your dorm room has never been more fun. Dormify offers brights, stylish dorm accents from bedding to planners. This site makes me want to go back to college. Walmart and Target are no longer your go-to for dorm supplies.


Modalyst is a curated online marketplace connecting emerging designers with independent boutiques, and making the process much less painstaking with smaller minimums and the option to buy/sell regularly rather than seasonally. This is a great tool for emerging brands and sales representatives.

The keynote speakers and panels were an amazing learning opportunity between presentations. A major highlight of the day was the presentation of the FashInvest Fashpreneur Award to Auslaug Magnusdottir, CEO of Moda Operandi. Magnusdottir participated in a motivational fireside chat where she discussed her journey in the creation of Moda Operandi and served as inspiration to all of the startups in the room.


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