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Fashion PR Marketing Tips

Fashion PR Fridays: PR, Marketing & Social Media News 5.3.13

  • These three brands are crawling up Vine as a means to share products and engage their customers – are you using it yet? (via Poq Studio)
  • E-commerce companies are progressively looking to incorporate offline strategies to build a more traditional relationship with their customers to usher in a new, more personal era of online purchasing. (via the Genteel)
  • The Interwebs is full of competitive content, and here are some of the most popular types. Which is your favorite? (via Shout Me Loud)
  • Conde Nast has recently opened the doors to its new fashion college and principal Susie Forbes lets us in on what it has to offer. (via The Cut)
  • The new Bergdorf Goodman documentary explores the history behind the famed Manhattan department store, but it also brings up another question: Do fashion documentaries also work as marketing tools? (via The New York Times)
  • PR girl Jenelle Hamilton shares how she gained experience to start a public relations firm and why she believes entrepreneurs should never give up. (via YSF Magazine)
  • Budgets are shifting to content marketing - is your PR firm ready to make a play for the business win? (via Weber Shandwick Asia)
  • These timeless quotes by fashion icon Coco Chanel are sure to brighten any day. (via Matchbook Mag)
  • Press Releases can still be an important tool to disseminate important news – make sure you’re using eye-catching headlines to hook those reporters and editors. (via PR News)
  • PR Couture's Crosby Noricks chatted with the Pink Collar about PR Couture then and now, and the learning curve of career challenges. (via Pink Collar)
  • Ever write a phrase and then realize it’s not at all what you thought? Embarrassing, no? These ten phrases are ones that might be crossing wires. (via IFB)
  • Whimsical Lanvin designer Alber Elabaz collaborates with Lancôme on a new makeup collection and it’s obviously adorable. (via Refinery 29)
  • Affiliate marketing can be a great way to create beneficial relationships and a way for brands to drive sales, but do we really understand how it works? (via Startup Fashion)
  • Have you heard? We've added a speed networking round with different fashion PR agency owners and publicists to Fashion PR Confidential, taking place June 1-2 at the incredible Beachwood Studios in Hollywood, CA. Sign up and enjoy some California sun and fun while learning the tricks of the trade from some of Fashion PR’s best. (via Fashion PR Confidential)

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About the author: Martha

Martha Chavez is a communications professional working in the nonprofit sector, but loves moonlighting in fashion PR as Managing Editor at PR Couture.

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