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How Social Media Works at Kravetz PR A PR Couture Guest Article by Kristi Bergeron

4 Principles to Integrate Social Media Services into PR Agency Offerings

At Kravetz PR, we offer most of the services you would find at a traditional social media agency -- we provide our clients with integrated campaigns, monthly content calendars, community management and comprehensive reporting and analytics. However, we believe what sets us apart from traditional marketing and advertising agencies is our ability to bring our unique public relations expertise into the social space. For agencies who may be struggling with the right way to introduce or formalize social media offerings, we wanted to share how we do it:

Value and plan for social media from the start

For many PR agencies rooted in traditional media outreach, social media remains an afterthought. Instead of tacking on social media to a PR campaign, prioritize how you can extend or ground your efforts in the digital space. Our partners, publicists and social media strategists work as a team and everything we do, even  events and press previews include digital strategy.  This holistic approach allows us to creatively maximize multiple media opportunities for clients.

Explore digital opportunities with magazines

When clients really want to make a statement in the social space, we don’t resort to the noise of promotional tweets. Instead, we seek out opportunities with the social media divisions of major publications in an effort to attract new fans and followers, while giving our current fans and followers a reason to get excited about the brand. For example, we partnered with Cosmopolitan for our client  Lisa Blue Swimwear to offer web readers a chance to win a VIP travel package to Miami Swim Fashion Week.

Broaden the definition of an influencer

Public Relations relies on the influence of very specific groups of influential people -- namely, celebrities, editors and journalists. The social media space isn’t much different and we do our best to tap into that for our clients. We regularly seek out editors and bloggers who will talk about and interact with our brand's pages on social media. In addition to the traditional influencers, we also seek out some of the smaller voices who have a big social impact. There are times when an up-and-coming blogger or even a fashion forward twitter influencer are just as valuable in the social space as the people we flock to for editorial coverage.

Institute a no-fail policy

With all the social media flops that make the news, it is easy to be afraid of failing big on social, and to just play it safe, or mimic what competitors are doing. But, if you aren’t trying things, you will never have the opportunity to discover what works for each of your clients. We have a no-fail policy on social. If we try something and it doesn’t get a ton of traction, we evaluate why and then move forward. When you combine this mentality with a huge amount of listening on your pages, it is easy to figure out what will give you the most return on your investment.

Social Media is becoming an increasingly noisy space and success through social media requires creativity. How is social media structured at your agency?

About Kristi

Kristi Bergeron is currently the Social Media Strategist and Lifestyle Publicist for @kravetzpr, a bicoastal fashion, beauty, and lifestyle PR agency.  @Kristib85, she was recently named one of the “10 Women in Public Relations to Follow on Twitter in 2013,” by PR Diva. Since 2009, Kristi she has helped multiple public relations firms develop social media services offerings and turn social media into a profitable arm of the business.


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