Entrepreneurship Wisdom From Tory Burch, Fashion PR Con is Back & Pinterest’s Fashion Week Hub

  • If any of these sound familiar, chances are you’re a PR major (via Buzzfeed)
  • The ample sprinkling of tech in Vogue’s September issue officially brings the digital into the fashion world. (via TechCrunch)
  • Top ten shows and fashion exhibits every fashion connoisseur should visit this fall. (via Vogue)
  • Tory Burch heads up one of the most successful businesses in the world. Listen to a few things she has to say about being an entrepreneur and lessons learned. (via Forbes)
  • L’Oreal and Rent the Runway are taking college campuses over one makeover at a time. (via Racked)
  • Fashion Week madness begins and Pinterest will be there to capture all the image action and inspiration with its Fashion Week Hub. Which collection are you waiting to see? (via Digiday)
  • Today’s PR environment calls for leaders with some of these very strong traits. Others you’d add? (via Edleman PR)
  • Fashion PR Confidential is going back to NYC! Learn from TeenVogue, mingle with your peers and learn the ropes of Fashion PR. Even the PR Diva gives you five (more) reasons to go! (via The PR Diva)
  • Now this might be the complete Jetson experience! Nordstrom is thinking of upping its digital and customer service efforts by installing iPads in dressing rooms. (via Luxury Daily)
  • The rules of influencer marketing are a lot like the rules of mawage…er, marriage (especially as told by the priest in the Princess Bride). Follow them and success will ensue. (via Fast Company)
  • Tumblr is partnering designers with fashion bloggers for a kind of Fashion Week “apprenticeship” to further build relationships and expand collaborations. (via Mashable)
  • With the immediate and immense reach of social media, do we hold the future of fashion in our hands? (via The Cut)

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