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Fashion PR Fridays: PR, Marketing & Social Media News for the Week of September 2, 2013 Fashion PR Fridays: PR, Marketing & Social Media News for the Week of September 2, 2013

Common PR Misconceptions, Barneys’s Fashion Week “Instastop” & More #NYFW Madness

  • We all wish work-life balance were easier to practice. Is it something we can achieve or is a work-life blend more realistic? (via Levo League)
  • Brands are using London Fashion Week to engage more than just the front row. (via Marketing Magazine)
  • Blogging as a PR tool: Is it effective and how would you make it work? (via PR In Your Pajamas)
  • The odds are ever in the favor of the just announced Hunger Games clothing collection for Net-a-Porter. We just hope for a Mockingjay dress. (via Fashionista)
  • They think they know, but they have no idea. These are the most common PR misconceptions. Which others have you heard? (via PR Daily)
  • Leave it to Betsey Johnson to come up with the most interesting Fashion Week invite. (via PSFK)
  • Models are becoming the new social media ambassadors of fashion and are bringing back the Supermodel ideal. (via Wall Street Journal)
  • Estée Lauder creates a new position to strengthen the brand’s reputation as a responsible company around the world. (via Media Bistro)
  • Daria in Prabal Gurung? Lisa Simpson in Marc Jacobs? Some of television’s most unsuspecting cartoon characters get the Fashion Week makeover. (via Refinery 29)
  • Social media has opened the gates to make fashion accessible to everyone, and brands are starting to use these tips to successfully market to social media. (via Hootsuite)
  • Barneys and Instagram are teaming up to provide a Fashion Week “Instastop” for fashionistas ready to show-off their soles. (via Barneys The Window)
  • The story behind DKNY's Twitter account and the lovely Aliza Licht. (via Twitter Blog)

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About the author: Martha Chavez

Martha Chavez is a communications professional working in the nonprofit sector, but loves moonlighting in fashion PR as Managing Editor at PR Couture.

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