Instagram Goes E-Commerce, 5 PR Careers & London Fashion Week’s Gets Social

  • Fashion PR pros hear it all during Fashion Week. What strange requests have you received? (via Fashionista)
  • English brands and their fans are being encouraged to be digitally social to raise the profile of London Fashion Week to make it more accessible to consumers. (via New York Daily News)
  • An Art History lesson as presented by heels. (via Yung Vermeer)
  • You know what they say; third time’s a charm. The new rules of social media are suggesting that three times gets the message out. (via Entrepreneur)
  • Burberry still reigns social media supreme as it kicked-off London Fashion Week with a globally streamed show and behind-the-scene exclusives. (via the High Low)
  • The Gap is returning to television advertising after four years with musical spots for its “Back to Blue” campaign. Who remembers the Mellow Yellow commercial? (via Bloomberg)
  • Move over, Twitter! There is a new bird in town. Topshop partners with new app Chirp to interact with fans. (via Here Is the City)
  • Influencers and tastemakers seem to be particularly effective in fashion and are transforming the way others buy and the way fashion is sold. (via The New York Times)
  • Becoming a Maxxionista just got a lot easier. TJMaxx announces it’s officially selling clothing and more online. (via Stylelist)
  • One industry, five careers: a look inside a few different careers in the PR realm. (via Levo League)
  • PR is a writing-heavy profession in which we can get stuck on sometimes. These tips will help you bulldoze right through those blocks. (via The Hairpin)
  • Instagram and fashion kind of just go together like love and marriage. So it’s only logical that the photo-sharing app might just be the next e-commerce platform. (via TechCrunch)

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