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5 Agencies to Follow on Instagram PR Toolbox with Tribe Dynamics

5 Creative Agencies to Follow on Instagram

There’s no denying that Instagram seems to have become the fashion industry’s social media platform of choice when it comes to visually engaging with followers. By now, you’re hopefully already following the PR Couture Instagram, but what kind of content are agencies posting? Here are a few of the our top picks for PR and creative agencies creating compelling stories about themselves and their clients on Instagram.

1. Jess3 : Entertainment and Humor

This creative interactive agency, specializing in what they call “the art of data visualization”, offers a range of services from UI / UX, animation, content creation and digital PR to developing large-scale installations, social strategies, data visualizations and infographics. The firm uses a variety of images and content to appeal to its diverse community of designers, researchers, animators, strategists and developers across multiple cities and countries. How does it do this specifically? Its posts reinforce the clever, tongue and cheek humor of the agency’s brand, and are simultaneously entertaining and resourceful.

2. Digital Royalty : Culture and Community

Founded in 2010 by young and entrepreneurial rock star Amy Jo Martin, Digital Royalty (dR) develops digital integration and social media strategies globally for corporate and entertainment brands, professional athletes, sports teams and leagues. From photo’s of company retreats to employee gags and creative poses with client products, dR’s Instagram content creates a sense community. All posted content speaks to the firm’s creative culture which helps establish its trustworthiness amongst a variety of perspectives.

3. MRY : Expertise and Success Stories

Both a creative services and technology agency, MRY works with its clients to convert consumer-led brand conversations into measurable business results. MRY takes a slightly different approach to Jess3 and dR, both of whom use Instagram to humanize their brands. Instead, MRY’s feed depicts images that establish its authority as an agency and it’s success stories. From references to awards the agency has won, i.e. the CLIO award, a sampling of campaigns featuring clients like Coca Cola, Puma, and Sony, to its own in-house sponsored MYR Media Week, visitor’s to MRY’s Instagram will be left with no doubts about the firm’s success.

4. SkirtPR : Fashion PR Girl Inspiration

This boutique Chicago-based PR firm is one of Crosby’s favorites, and I have to admit I had some fun checking out the fun, girly images filling its feed. The agency’s Instagram speaks directly to its fashionista and fashion brand clients with content such as “outfit of the day” posts, style suggestions, and images that play with color and texture. If your clients are fashion brands targeting younger women, SkirtPR’s Instagram should be a great source of both aesthetic and content inspiration.

5. Edelman : Education

Although it might seem like an obvious selection, Edelman’s Instagram account is an exceptional model due to its incorporation of a variety of content that is educational while maintaining a consistent brand voice. At any given time, it’s feed includes images of the day-to-day activities in one of the many global offices, PR and digital marketing infographics, in addition to advice and tips for PR professionals.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind when you are building your agency or your individual PR Instagram account that there is no single formula for content. Depending upon your clients and their needs you will want to pull from each of these examples in a way that best demonstrates who you are as an agency/professional and what makes your brand unique. I'd love to hear about how you are using Instagram - what's working well for you? Leave a comment or connect @prcouture @tribedynamics.

Photo Credit: Leanne Surfleet

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About the author: Christina Goswiller

LA native Christina Goswiller traded palm trees for the Stanford tree, where she studied political science and graduated with honors in 2012. Since her move to San Francisco, she has fallen in love with the entrepreneurial spirit of the startup world. Christina is particularly interested in the growing importance of technology within the fashion industry, which she follow through her work with Tribe Dynamics.

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  • Rebecca D.
    Posted October 22, 2013 at 1:45 pm | Permalink

    As a senior in college, majoring in Public Relations, I have tons of writing homework at a constant and increasing rate. Yet, I still can’t help but constantly be checking all of my social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Because of this, I am always looking for productive people, companies, and things to follow. Tying my career choice into my social media addiction has become a way for me to justify my Iphone constantly being right in reach!

    Immediately after reading this article I went and followed all 5 creative agencies on Instagram. Not only do I love the content but I love seeing companies in a different light, branching out into different forms of social media. These companies are all well known and well respected. Seeing how creative agencies are using a popular app like Instagram shown the followers a lot about the company. Both what they have in common, and how they are different.

    I love this post, thanks for sharing!

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