The Angriest Punctuation Mark, Dolce and Gabbana’s Family Album & Dior’s New “Film”

  • The period is one angry punctuation mark. (via the New Republic)
  • Jessica Chastain teases an unsuspecting texter in this Vogue short. (via Ad Age)
  • For most of us, AP Style has been engraved in our brains since college, and yep, it’s still as relevant as ever today. (via PR Daily)
  • The numbers for Instagram ads are in, and here is what they have to say. Have you seen any of them? (via Digiday)
  • A Millennial guide to holiday shopping. Any tips you’d add? (via Racked)
  • Dolce & Gabbana is encouraging customers to submit family photos to further fan interaction on their website. (via Luxury Daily)
  • Black Friday, Cyber Monday? The deals are endless and overwhelming. Save yourself some stress and take a look at what to buy when. (via Daily Finance)
  • It’s the time to give and receive gifts, and of course you always want to say thanks, but do you know how to say thank you to someone working in the fashion industry? (via the Cut)
  • Nordstrom lets Pinterest followers determine what’s to be displayed in stores. (via Fashion Times)
  • These eleven fashionably forward fictional ladies would’ve been the perfect Black Friday companions! (via Huffington Post Style)

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