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IEDFlorence - Fashion PR Program A PR Couture Sponsored Post by IED Florence

Study Fashion Public Relations & Marketing in Florence, Italy

“There is no place like Tuscany”, said the American writer Frances Mayes when she released her romantic novel "Under the Tuscan Sun.” Later on, in 2003, the book was turned into a romantic comedy film staring Diane Lane. The drama was a box-office success and showed once more why this Italian region is known worldwide for its scenery, food and wine, fashion events and craftsmanship.

Florence has a long tradition as far as fashion is concerned and it can be considered as one of the most creative cities in Italy and abroad. The luxury industry is paramount: we can safely say that Italian haute couture was born in the Tuscan capital, at a fashion show organized on February 12, 1951. The city boasts designers such as Gucci, Enrico Coveri, Roberto Cavalli, Salvatore Ferragamo, Patrizia Pepe, Emilio Pucci and many others. Currently Florence is on the world fashion map with the Pitti Uomo, Pitti Filati, Pitti Bimbo, and Vintage Selection fairs as well as transversal digital media events and high end luxury stores such as Luisa Via Roma.The Florence-based fashion houses develop products that are famous all over the world. So like the writer Frances Mayes that gave up everything to start a new life in Tuscany, many future artists are coming to Tuscany to invest in their careers.

Jeanne Elie, 23 years old, from Montreal, Canada, didn’t hesitate to change radically her life. “After having studied business for 2 years and having done a year of digital photography,  I moved to Italy to learn more about, not only fashion but also the Italian language and culture”, says the former student that has just completed the one year program in Fashion Marketing and Communication at IED Florence. “I’m finishing the year and I’m really happy with my experience. I had great teachers and the fact that we had practical projects mixed with theory make me feel that I’m ready to work in the fashion industry. I learned a lot and I hope it will enhance my career in fashion”, said Elie.

According to Alessandro Colombo, director of IED Florence, the campus also offers Semester programs - Spring and Fall, structured with a specific focus, meant for study abroad students looking for incisive fashion courses as well as having the possibility of obtaining transfer credits. “I would recommend all IED fashion courses. I think if someone wants to work in fashion he/she can obtain an excellent general basic knowledge of communication and marketing in the fashion world. However, if the person wants to acquire in-depth knowledge about fashion, I would recommend the three-year undergraduate program in Fashion Communication," suggests the former IED Florence student Jeanne Elie.

Like Jeanne Elie, many foreign students have been attracted to the fashion world. But, they are not the only ones. Numerous professionals such as journalists, PR, managers, stylists and graduates in Fashion, Communication and Marketing are looking to boost their careers in the fashion arena. Acknowledging this, the Istituto Europeo di Design in Florence, delivers a unique and exclusive Master in Fashion Events and Public Relations, starting April 2014. “The course is designed for those that desire to gain perspective on the newest and up-and-coming communication techniques for the Fashion System, the course focuses on digital media and viral communication techniques. Attention is given to communication for all types of events, focusing on the roles of the professional figures involved and their interactions to achieve success”, explains Alessandro Colombo, director of IED Florence.

“This brand new program focuses on digital media and viral communication techniques used in the organization of events, participants are expected to gain communication and event organization skills with an in-depth analysis and strategic approach that can be applied to any project in their current or future careers.”

IED Florence’s campus has state-of-the-art premises and contains the first “3D library” in Florence dedicated to “Design by Florentine and Italian artists.” The library’s purpose is to create a virtual collection of the objects that have made Italy and Florence famous all over the world and inspire and help students, especially foreign ones, to understand just what the term “Made in Italy” means.

Photo Credit: Chiara Musiu

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