Drew Barrymore Turns Fashion Journalist, The Best Fashion Tech Bits of 2013 & What PR Pros Need From Bloggers

  • David Beckham and H&M: The Super Bowl just got a whole lot sexier. (via Business Insider)
  • A Victoria’s Secret model developed an app for, well, models. (via Fast Company)
  • Intel is partnering up with the CFDA, Barneys and Opening Ceremony on a smart bracelet and possibly more. (via Fashion Times)
  • PR Couture’s Crosby Noricks shares what publicists need from bloggers to work in harmony. (via Independent Fashion Bloggers)
  • Sarah Jessica Parker launches a new shoe line complete with a stunner called the Carrie. (via Racked)
  • It’s no surprise PR can be stressful, but why? (via NYC PR Girls)
  • Fashion Tech had a great 2013, and here are some of the best moments. (via Third Wave Fashion)
  • Some social media trends that should probably take a back seat in 2014. (via Marketing Land)
  • Drew Barrymore the next great fashion journalist of our time? Well maybe not, but who knew she had writing chops? (via Styleite)
  • To keep the football spirit going, several designers got together and designed some of the most glamourous helmets you’ll ever see. (via Glamour)

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