[Sponsored by Mannfolk PR] LinkedIn’s New PR Influencers, Social Media Etiquette According to Jane Austen & Dolce & Gabbana Makeup Tutorials

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  • This web influencers survey might provide some insight when planning your digital strategy. (via DS Simon)
  • Burberry partners with Chinese messaging app WeChat by allowing fans to unlock special show content just for them. (via PSFK)
  • Dolce and Gabbana wants you to get your makeup on (and increase accessibility) by sharing beauty tutorials on their website featuring their spring collection. (via Luxury Daily)
  • Now this is a way to see who knows their social media. Beauty brand Nivea uses an Instagram challenge to find their next interns. (via PR Daily)
  • When in social media etiquette doubt, always ask what would Jane Austen do. (via Impertinent Remarks)
  • What’s better than an ad campaign? An ad campaign with cats. (via Fashionista)
  • As marketers it’s vital to understand how social media impacts the consumer decision making process and how to influence it. (via Business2Community)
  • LinkedIn’s new self-publishing features are opening doors for new PR influencers. Have you published? (via  Media Bistro)
  • It’s the battle of the street styles. New York or London? (via Trend Survivor)
  • Multitasking is a strong skill (we practice it every day), but is it really impairing our work effectiveness? (via Visual.ly)

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