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Think You’re Ready to Reach Out to Fashion Bloggers Read this First A PR Couture Guest Article by Heidi Nazarudin

Think You’re Ready to Reach Out to Fashion Bloggers? Read this First.

The tide has shifted, and brands will sink or swim depending on how they engage the blogosphere.  Companies can more adeptly target their specific audience as bloggers are so specialized and distinct.  Studies show that it is less expensive and more efficient than traditional forms of advertising.   It is now imperative to learn how to successfully work with bloggers in order to build brand awareness and goodwill with your target market.

Don’t cast a wide net

You want your brand to fit in organically with a particular site.  A stay-at-home-single-mom blogger is not going to suddenly spark sales of Louis Vuitton briefcases.  The whole basis of blogging is that it is a personal relationship and casual (to some extent) so zero in on that as opposed to corporate behavior that drives more traditional, formal advertising deals.  Forgo the standard mass press release, and connect with the blogger on a personal level.  Help them see how your product is in line with their interests, and will excite their readers.

Similarly, research the blogger’s policies.  They vary and some will not accept payments, and others will accept merchandise and others will simply need to be wooed without either.

Don’t mistake a large following with your best ROI.  Consider this article that compares the impact of bloggers against well-known websites (such as Vogue and GQ.)  Even (sometimes especially) less visible bloggers have a more devoted and active following.

Research the blogger’s calendar and posting history

Does she like to attend launch events or like to stay at home and do reviews?  Does she do give-aways?  Does she post photos of herself wearing/using the product or should you send her product images she can upload?  Make it as easy and organic as possible

Allow the blogger creative free reign

Certainly you can inform them of your objectives (i.e. “our goal is to get more hits on our website and sales”) and your framework (“please hyperlink to our site), but then step back and show that you are confident in their taste and vision.  The power you are trying to harness is the blogger’s relationship with their followers.  They trust the blogger to be honest and open, and this motivates them to act.  Allow the blogger to choose clothes from your line that she connects with.  Readers who follow the hyperlink will undoubtedly search your site for other items, but unless the blogger’s enthusiasm is immediately obvious, you will not receive click-thrus.


Retweet, or share (but link) posts from a blogger who you are working with.  Bloggers who feel they are in a reciprocal relationship are more likely to continue mentioning your brand.

Blogging offers companies a unique opportunity to deliver and create highly targeted PR stories and digital content outside of traditional advertising. If you haven't yet introduced blogger outreach into it’s time embrace how working with bloggers can help support your core marketing objectives.

About Heidi

Heidi Nazarudin is the Founder and President of , an association with more than 500+ active bloggers.  She has hosted blogging events for Saks Fifth Avenue, Armani Cosmetics and to name but a few. Heidi blogs full-time at



Photo Credit: R Schofield


  • Posted March 31, 2014 at 12:11 pm | Permalink

    Great post Heidi and thanks for linking to us. You make some really great points and as someone who wears the blogger hat along with the agency hat I love that you are sharing these tips!

  • Posted April 4, 2014 at 8:18 am | Permalink

    Kuddos to Heidi and PR Couture for posting this information. It’s right on point! Simple things, like those mentioned in this article, are exactly how to get the attention of a blogger or online magazine. All my successful collaborations with publicists have been through their effort of engagement. I will make sure the PR students I address receive the link to this post.

  • Posted August 18, 2015 at 11:20 am | Permalink

    Blogger outreach has been, and continues to be, poorly managed in many cases due to brands using agencies playing the numbers game. What compounds the issue is PR firms offering SEO benefits too when they’re out of their depth. Lots of great points in this post. Brands are hyper sensitive to how a blogger might portray them so there’s still too many fear based decisions being made. As the lines between marketing, PR and Ecom tactics blur, at the core it’s about the blogger’s story. Trying to control that kills passionate writing.

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