[Sponsored by Fashion PR Confidential] The Amazon of Fashion, Young Social Influencers & Content Marketing Mistakes

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  • We know you’ve heard of Amazon, but have you heard of what’s being called its fashion counterpart, Yoox? (via the Telegraph)
  • Fashion films aren’t just for our visual pleasure, they’re starting to become a part of the fashion marketing mix. (via Medium)
  • Fashion brands are using Twitter as a highly effective means of two-way communication. (via Luxury Daily)
  • There is no magic time frame to see PR results, but investing ample time in planning and executing supports positive and timely results. (via Remedy Communications)
  • An interesting look at the young group of social influencers and the klout they carry. (via Fast Company)
  • It is truly the end of an era. Cult lifestyle site Daily Candy and Television Without Pity are officially shutting down. Gutted. (via Recode)
  • Wearable tech is nice and innovative, but is it really functional enough to be truly wearable? (via Style)
  • Audit that marketing strategy and make sure you’re not making any of these content marketing mistakes. (via American Express Open Forum)
  • We’re big proponents of zodiac signs here, and these shopping styles according to your sign are quite stellar. (via Elle)

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