[Sponsored by Refashion, a Brand New Fashion Tech Podcast] PR Pros Most Hated Phrases, BoF Does AMA, & BaubleBar Domination

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  • Brands that are using Instagram like bosses and how you can too. (via Fast Co.)
  • We love following strong social media voices and these are 50 of the top ones. What others do you follow? (via the Cut)
  • Who remembers the Mellow Yellow GAP commercial? Our favorite khaki retailer has been through its share of TV campaigns and these are some of the most memorable ones. (via Huffington Post)
  • Like nails on a chalkboard, no PR pros ever want to hear these 7 phrases. (via Inc.)
  • Two determined ladies are trying to make BaubleBar the go-to jewelry retailer and just might succeed. (via Business Insider)
  • To his thoughts on the Chinese market to what he was wearing, Business of Fashion founder, Imran Amed sat down with Reddit readers and answered some burning questions. (via Reddit)
  • PR Couture’s Crosby Norick’s chats with Refashion Podcast founder, Cristina Quitania on the innovation of blogging and how podcasts fit in perfectly. (via IFB)
  • We can only imagine all the pretty to come from this. Kinfolk Magazine presents Ouur as a collective brand offering apparel, publications, home wares and even community events. (via Ouur)
  • Instagram is a little protective about what brands will get to share video ads. (via AdWeek)
  • Burberry’s Christopher Bailey is officially the brand’s new CEO. (via the Fashion Times)

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