Louboutin’s Life Story, Pinterest’s Latest & Middle America for Marketers

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…for the week of May 15, 2017


The founder of DavidsTea shares what he learned being an entrepreneur and what he did when his company failed (via Fortune)

Tuesday Poliak, now a seasoned ad veteran, created extremely unique resumes to catch the eye of some of the world’s top creative directors (via Ad Week)

Here is what a social media editor really thinks of their line of work (via Glossy)

In the era of the side hustle, it isn’t uncommon to hear people in fashion work in other fields, but this archeologist turned lingerie designer has us doing a double-take! (via Vogue)

Middle America is becoming important to marketers. These charts show what their core values are compared to coastal states (via Digiday)

Have you heard of Weibo? It is a social media app with more users than Twitter (340 million to be exact) and it’s growing quickly (via Mashable)

The 2017 Cannes Film Festival showcases some of the best fashion of the year. Here are some of the best red carpet looks (via Elle)

Google analytics now lets you target audiences in more places through Adwords and DBM (via Seer Interactive)

Pinterest is a marketing hotspot for fashion and lifestyle brands with its 175 million users. The website and app is now creating ads targeted at what users have already purchased or viewed (via Tech Crunch)

We all envy the women wearing beautiful red-soled heels, but we don’t know the story behind the designer himself. Christian Louboutin sat down at 92Y and shared his story (via WWD)