The Riviere Agency, Miami & NYC


The Riviere Agency is a well-oiled, well-organized team of seasoned creative professionals who get it when it comes to marketing and public relations for fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands. The senior team has years of industry experience working for major PR and branding firms, directly for major brands as well as some of the most successful start-ups. The Riviere Agency sets itself apart from the competition by offering a fresh and unique approach to fashion, beauty and lifestyle marketing based on our understanding of the importance of having an integrated approach to break through the clutter and create tactile experiences for the consumer with the brand in order to build a lasting impression and develop brand loyalty.

Our New York office is located in the garment district and this unique location allows us to provide special opportunities for our clients such as sample sales, shopping tours and affordable hanging space in a major New York showroom. The Riviere Agency runs its operation out of New York and Miami and has the capability of a full service agency without the hefty price tag.

What you wont find here is a cookie cutter approach to PR, social media and marketing. Not only do we like to think outside the box,we like to build our own box.


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