Moderne Press, San Francisco


Moderne Press is a boutique public relations and marketing agency, specializing in the representation of brands in the fashion, home décor and lifestyle industries. We help create buzz for your brand!

We pride ourselves on creating and executing custom publicity campaigns that support each brand’s public relations and marketing goals and that result in impressive growth. By helping to establish the brand’s voice and creating recognition, we heighten your company’s visibility among the public. Simply put, we create buzz for your brand.

From offering fresh ideas for your business to creating connections, Moderne Press participates in every facet of your brand’s development and expansion. We feel passionately about working with boutique brands and value the long-term partnerships with our clients, as we assist in nurturing and cultivating their businesses. By providing personalized attention and tailored campaigns, we maintain the impact of in-house public relations and ultimately, aim to become an integral part of your company’s growth and success.

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