Slate Designs, New York City


Slate Designs is a visual firm that creates stunning and arresting campaigns for global fashion designers.

A melting pot for some of the most creative energies in the industry, the team at Slate works across many disciplines including branding & strategy, web & print design, photography & videography, and exposure & sales.

Why do you need branding? Because the power of fashion doesn’t lie in a product, it lies in the perceptions of those who own it.  We know that the difference between your bracelet, handbag, or sheath dress, and the competitors lies in an innovative visual approach and curating the proper experience is key.

Cultivating that meaningful relationship with your consumers is the only way to encourage sales and to do that Slate Designs identifies what is missing from your category, and the best approach to fill the space. We buy many products because owning them means more than using them, and it is that same level of attention to your non-verbal communications that will set your collection apart from the crowd and promote success.

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