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Creating a Successful Media Dinner A PR Couture Guest Article by Matthew McIvor

How to Plan and Host a Successful Media Dinner

It’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon on a rather uneventful Tuesday. Our account coordinator, Nicole, is sending out her last confirmation emails to a select list of writers and influencers we have invited to our media dinner tomorrow evening at our client’s restaurant in Los Angeles. After everyone has confirmed, we head off for one last meeting with our client and the chef to go over… More

A better way to land your first job in public relations A PR Couture Guest Post by Lindsey Walker

I’ve Graduated With My PR Degree, Now What?

Congratulations, you did it! Graduation has come and gone. You’ve celebrated (maybe a little too much) with your family and friends, and you’ve been applying for PR jobs every since. However, despite sending your resume out religiously and even landing a few interviews (that quite honestly you thought you nailed), you’ve have yet to get a job offer. So frustrating. So,… More

Untitled design How to Pitch Series, Written by Lisa Simone Richards

Editor Q&A: Victoria DiPlacido, Assistant Beauty Editor at ELLE Canada

Victoria DiPlacido works on both the print and digital beauty pages of ELLE Canada, where she writes and produces daily compelling and SEO-friendly beauty and celebrity beauty news content to drive traffic to She is a social media wiz who manages social channels (Snapchat, Periscope, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube) for scheduled beauty content, breaking beauty news, award shows, and… More

Meet Crosby Noricks

Hi. I'm Crosby, Founder of PR Couture, Fashion Brand Strategist and PR Girl Mentor. I care about supporting and celebrating fashion publicists as well as helping companies connect with their audiences in more meaningful ways. Recently, iMedia included me in their annual list of 25 Internet Marketing Leaders and Innovators, along with people from Starbucks, Twitter and Volkswagon, which I think is pretty neat. Like Elle Woods, I am a Gemini-vegetarian (that's about where the similarities end). Let's connect: Check out my full bio, Brand Elixir sessions for brands or shoot me a note at