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5 Things to Do Before Leaving Your Job for Something New

A Linkedin study reports that millennials will change jobs about… Read more »



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Position:  Fashion & Social Media Publicist
Company: Mannfolk PR
Location: Los Angeles, CA
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Fashion PR Intern

Position:  Fashion PR Intern
Company: BPCM
Location: Los Angeles, CA
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Account Coordinator

Position: Account Coordinator
Company: Shamin Abas PR & Special Events
Location: New York City, NY
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6 Signs You’re A Freelancer at Heart

I took PR internships and jobs anywhere that would take… Read more »

A Quick Guide to Social Media Quizzes for Community Engagement

With a potential for massive reach and customization, brands can… Read more »

How Sharing My PR Secrets Actually Grew My Business

When I first started my wedding PR agency five years… Read more »